For Women

Motivations for Women to Learn Self Defense

Women living in Ooltewah, TN Greatly Benefit from Learning Hapkido

It is not important to identify the difference in benefits of learning self-defense for men and women. Equality of the sexes is increasing in the workforce. The realization that women are able to more things that have traditionally been ascribed to men is spreading. Equal benefits are obtained for both sexes from learning Hapkido. There is a Hapkido class available in your area that you can join today.

One benefit of Hapkido for women is the power of self-defense. The perception of women as “the weaker sex” is often cited as a reason that women need to learn self-defense. It is a fact that women have smaller, less muscular frames on average than men. However, recent scientific studies have revealed that women have a higher capacity for endurance, as well as a more durable cardiovascular system than men.

It is the hormonal difference between men and women that puts women at risk. Male testosterone drives men to overpower and dominate women. Usually, this effect is quite harmless. Manifesting only romantically, this is something that women can usually deal with simply through the use of words and body language. There is a small percentage of men in whom the drive to physically domineer women is so great that is causes violent sexual aggression. For this reason, it is recommended that women start self-defense classes now.

It is possible for any woman to become a prey to such predators.  These types of men care nothing about age and physical appearance. They attack both old and young of any appearance. No women is excluded from this threat.

Hapkido is great because of the three principals upon which it is founded; the water principle, the circular principal, and the sum principle. They make is a method of self-defense that is perfect for women. It is a hard and soft art wherein force is met with fluidity or hardness as needed. Students learn to use the aggressor’s own force against them and focus their energy into targeting exact pressure points. Such energy is known as Ki or Chi.

Using hard force against hard force only works to the advantage of the larger, stronger opponent. Instead, Hapkido students learn to avoid the opponent’s attacks, as well as redirect, absorb and trap them. They learn the vulnerable areas of the body that are present regardless of muscularity and Ki energy techniques that grant success against any opponent.

Women are faced with the many stresses of everyday life, such as caring for a family and household, working, and just trying to survive in this economy.  Part of Hapkido is the practice of Dan Jun, which is meditation, stretching, energy breathing, and self-awareness. Dan Jun has been proven to increase oxygenation to the brain and the entire body. This results in a decrease in mental stress as endorphins are released. Focusing on the movements and being in the dojang, meaning school, also reduces mental stress. Social interactions with the other students in the class serves as group therapy. There are great benefits from making new friends. The bonding between instructor and student is also one of the greatest therapies for the worries of life.

As the student continues to succeed and receive positive reinforcement, moving through the belt levels, they get a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This helps them to gain self-confidence and is an additional benefit for those who feel unappreciated. Housewives who crave recognition, appreciation, and sometime out of the house will greatly enjoy Hapkido training.

There are also many problems with diet and nutrition that were unheard of fifty years ago that plague today’s woman.  The combination of “junk food” and technology has created a very sedentary lifestyle compounded with poor eating habits. It all started with TV dinners and has grown into a global epidemic of obesity. The result is that women are suffering from cardiovascular problems and low self-esteem. It has also led to many other negative health conditions, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and much more.

The study of Hapkido, Dan Jun energy breathing and all the associated moves help to improve the status of the cardiovascular system. There is a mix of aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise that tone and trim the body. The practice of proper posture and stance increases flexibility, creating grace and balance.

Trying to lose weight by dieting alone can have negative effects on health. Fasting has been shown to cause protein to be extracted from the heart and weight loss that is too fast can lead to blood clots and heart attacks. Weight loss must be done the proper way; through a healthy regime which includes exercise and proper nutrition. Practicing Hapkido is a great women to get the needed exercise.

Hapkido is a great pick for women; rather they are looking to lose weight, tone the body, boost self-confidence, learn self-defense, or just get away from the house for a while.


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