The Academy of Self-Defense Martial Arts School in Ooltewah near Chattanooga, TN.

From the desk of James Hogwood, Owner.

self defense schools Chattanooga

Grand Master Jame Hogwood, Star of “The Warrior’s Quest” Movie

Real Men Need Martial Arts: All the Adults in Ooltewah and Chattanooga do.

The above headline might have caused a little confusion. Let me clarify by giving you our definition of a REAL man.

It is the viewpoint at our martial arts school, here in Ooltewah near Chattanooga, that responsibility is a characteristic of a real man.  These men are the fathers and the husbands. They are grandfathers just as I am. They are business professionals. Real men are the ones in our society that can be depended on. They are the providers of food, clothing, and shelter for the families. They comfort the families and keep them safe. As a man, you are always supposed to be one step ahead in order to deal with the violent aggressor that tries to harm your family. If a weirdo with a knife attacks your family when they are headed to the car from the movie theater at night are you going to be able to protect them?

Who is the Academy of Self Defense Martial Arts School?

I am James Hogwood, owner of an organization whose mission is to teach practical self-defense those who fall into the category of real men. This is no sports fighting school. Sports fighters are not trained here. They will have to go somewhere else.  If you thought that you were reading about some kind of a “fight club” or MMA whose members are nothing but a bunch of young testosterone addicts craving to show off and beat up on people for no good reason while they pimp their rides instead of paying child support then you are going to be horribly disappointed because we don’t have what you’re looking for. This is for real men whose commitments and responsibilities are real; men who desire the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones from creeps who try to hurt them. If this describes you then you are in the right place. You will be glad that you gave us a try!

What does the Academy of Self Defense Martial Arts School Do?

chattanooga self defense

Grand Master James Hogwood

Our specialty is teaching Chinese Kung Fu and Korean Hapkido for the purpose of self- defense. Both of these forms of martial arts specialize in self-defense against weapons. They give methods of defense against multiple attackers. Those who are trained in these martial arts will know what to do when a gun is put to their head. This same training is what is taught to trainees in the FBI, DEA, CIA, and US secret service as well as police units and Elite Military. Our focus is not on theory; that is the job of the college professors. The instructors at our schools have had real life experience defending themselves. They have been soldiers, law enforcement officers, those who have had to face real attackers and thieves. These are they who lived to talk about their experiences, having made it safely home to their loving families.

Our Meeting Times and Location: We have a variety of locations and the days and times for classes are different across all of our locations. For more information contact the location nearest you. In the Ooltewah just outside of Chattanooga, TN area call (423) 505-0525.

Jim Hogwood

Grand Master James Hogwood, Grand father of four in Chattanooga

 Our Reasons for Focusing on Training Men:

Sadly, the definition of a real man has long been forgotten by our society. However, it has not been forgotten by us! On almost every television show today the American father is portrayed as a ridiculous moron who gets lead around by his wife and kids. Regardless as to how the media wants to make fun of the men the reality is that real men are the providers, protectors, and defenders of the family. They consider their responsibilities to be very serious. It is our duty to provide a location where real men can learn how to take actions to defend and protect their family should something happen. It takes real skill for them to be able to do that. There are over 4,000 Secret Service Agents watching over the president. Who is it that has the duty of watching over the families? YOU!

Join Us:

Find the location closest to you and contact them. Schedule an enrollment meeting today.

In Ooltewah, TN:

PH: (423) 505-0525


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  1. Harriet Cash says:

    Hi Jim, you look great with your grandchildren!

    Thank you for your “self defense for realtors” class last week; I learned a lot. Will you please tell me again what you said about Chattanooga’s placement among US cities regarding crimes/violent crimes? Thank you.

    Harriet Cash

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